Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet Wedding Memories!!

Happy Wedding Day!!!'s always a pleasure to receive these type of pictures...worth a thousand words!
to say nothing of their sweet comments "It became the star of the night as so many of our guests wanted a picture of us posing in front of the topper. I did plenty of "name dropping" that night because the cake topper is too terrific to keep a secret."
Jennifer H. Neil H.

to see more of their testimonial and a close up of the topper visit it's own webpage

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Harley Davidson Wedding Cake Topper

The Bikers are Coming!!!......... the "wild ones" have wed....and the special event will be immortalized with this topper.

... this is just freshly sculpted...the nice soft tone of moist a choclolate...

Just made me think of seeing The Beatles carved in size the height of Beatlemania...maybe '65...was sort of mesmerized by that sculpture...perhaps another early inspiration...anyways.......

this is neither chocolate or butter but soon to be fired clay....and very sweet....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Freshly Sculpted Wedding Cake Topper

Get em while their fresh!!!...the figurines look like choclate when the clay is still wet and pliable.

... these 2 are not only baseball fans...they are to be married in Hawaii, so they have lei's around their necks, and she loves pineapples so we have 1 for her....he has his trusty bulldog at his feet, she her 2 cats

they will have to dry for at least a week then be fired to 2000 degrees in the kiln, painted, assembled etc....

Kayaker's Wedding Cake Topper action!

Thanks to the athletic couple who commissioned this sculpture.
I have just received this picture of the figurine in action on top of wedding cake from them!
It looks really cool the way the floral sprig has been added around the kayak like a spray of white water.
to see more of this toper and many others check here
they also sent me these comments...
Hi Hunter, Wow!!! That's great!! Nina's laughing out loud! THAT'S COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! We're so happy we found your website! You really have a knack for putting some personality into your work. Mark & Nina

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Wedding Cake Topper for a Guitarist

Rock on !!...this was a nice surprise when I received this picture of the guitarist cake topper live in action!!

very nice of those clients to email me this picture....the toppers always look extra cool on top of the cake on the actual Wedding day!

you can see some more info about that topper here

Custom made wedding cake toppers created for you!

Welcome to our blog where I will be posting many new pictures and info regarding the clay figurines we sculpt.
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