Sunday, December 30, 2007

Introducing The Wedding Cake Topper of the Day....!

New Years Greetings To All!!

it's been a while since the last post with Santa back seat driving here in the studio!
... now finally taking on an idea that I've wanted to work on for quite a while...going to try to post a new Wedding Cake Topper each work day (Mon-Fri) starting on New Year's Day! stay tuned to a new year filled with handmade toppers created for loving couples around the globe!!

As always visit our main wedding cake topper page here to see 100's of examples


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mixed Race Wedding Cake Topper

Its a multi-cultural society we are living in....and often it's difficult to find a wedding cake topper that reflects this diversity. Not so here, where every figurine is hand made to your let us know about the ethnicity of the couple and any other details that you may wish to include...

this couple didn't want the formal attire of the usual wedding topper...and instead opted for the look of their mutual!....

so if looking to "score" a wedding couple figurine that is really "You" ...."kick the ball" over a truly original miniature work of art, unlike any other, to crown your cake!