Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wedding Cake Toppper of the Day.... Couple Fishing on Boat Topper

Ahoy all fishing couples!!....this pair are the ultimate in casual wedding attire!...the Groom has his Maryland Tortoise's tshirt and ball cap on, his cool shades, and arm around his Bride....who is clad in most every Groom's choice...a red bikini!

You may notice that she has hooked the bigger fish, her University team pennant is flying behind her ... well their trusty hound is keeping track of a few runaway crabs on the deck,,,,amongst the beer about Pirates of the CakeToppers...

even their "faux" magazine on the front of the hull with their pics and headline on it...

so when you are ready to reel in a giant catch of a personalized wedding cake topper visit

on another tasty note is a link to a very delicious web blog that features food!!!...nibble on this.......

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