Friday, February 22, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day...Multiracial Cake Topper

Greetings to all....I am located in Toronto, which is a very multicultural city...apparently 1 of the most multicultural cities on the today's cake topper would apply to many couples in my home town...

The groom is this multiracial wedding cake topper is a big James Bond fan, so is portrayed with a spear gun and "trick watch" ala 007, his patent alligator shoe, and alligator (also kind of Bond "villainish"..) and of course, his beloved yellow Caterham 7 sports car

...The bride has her red roses in her beautifully coiffed hair, matching floral bouquet and gown with red satin trim and its a Caribbean wedding they are located on the beach where sting ray swim nearby and their fins and diving tanks wait in the background...

A paradisaical setting for a momentous occasion...captured in a clay sculpture to crown their wedding cake... and remind them of this magic time later in the future...

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