Monday, March 17, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day...Deer Hunter's Cake Topper

Well here we are with a topper that many bow hunters could relate to...specifically sculpted of a deer hunting groom and his lovely bride...

Now I cant say for sure...but those don't look like deer stalking canines at their feet....somehow shouting "unleash the hounds" and letting these two loose may not strike fear into the heart of the "prey"

However the camo capped, goateed groom is truly in love with his bride and her pets and is so glad that Cupid's arrow hit the mark, as far as they are concerned...

As they are totally made to order any style of characters can be created in any garb, some recently ordered hunter wedding cake toppers entirely dressed in camoflag...

If you are stalking the most elusive of hand crafted keepsakes for your nuptials visit cake toppers

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