Friday, March 14, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day....East Indian Cake Topper

Greetings again to all visitors...what a pleasure to be able to create these fired clay figurines to celebrate the Wedding's, Birthday's and other special occasions of people's lives...

And there aren't too many cultures with a longer tradition in clay figurines than the people of the subcontinent of Asia...what we know as India and region... hand made clay objects still play a role in millions of peoples everyday lives. Not just functional pottery...many of a strictly celebratory,religious or historical role...and many of my international "brethren" are sculpting in clay at the same time I am doing so here...quite a feeling why bring this all up...?

Well the figurine portrayed today is a wedding cake topper for doctors....who happen to be from India, and so are portrayed in a more regional dress than the usual western style of black suit and white gown...

He is in his long, nehru collared shirt with a fancy design on it, and she in a colorful sari with golden veil...

both of the doctor's are holding their stethoscopes to each other in a sign of "medical affection"...their suitcase with relevant destination tags is nearby as is her latest you can see she is holding the palette of an artist

Painting is her passion as is photography to him...which is why his trusty 35mm camera is at the ready...

Again an honor to create these for anyone ...please do visit custom made wedding cake toppers

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