Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day....Video Gamer Weds a Shopping Bride Cake Topper

Here we have a contemporary statement in Young love....of each other and certain pastimes that our culture is quite focused upon...

Of course what young man under 30 hasn't played his share of video games?...and this groom loves to play Halo on his xbox....and rooting for the New York Yankees...

While this beautiful blonde fashionista bride's idea of a good time may be to cruise through Prada, Gucci or Nordstroms looking for the latest fashions....

Of course you do realize that even at the most exclusive clothing botiques and stores ... a Versasce shirt wasn't maybe by Versasce himeself.... and Louis Vuitton didn't make that purse....but you can be sure that the hand made original wedding cake topper that you commission will be entirely sculpted and created by Hunter Vaughan and his son Jupiter, who take pride in the old world craftsmanship they visit their creations at custom wedding cake figurines

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