Monday, March 10, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day...Whitewater Rafter's Cake Topper

Matrimony can be a wild ride!!!...and this couple knows it....they are professional whitewater guides and know the forces of nature very well....

Like the energy that was needed by this bride to get her it's included in the is a faux copy of the Adirondack News that has their pictures on the front well the pair of partially obscured lobsters behind the bride...they love to feast on these crustaceans...

And the groom is reknown for his love of his St. Patricks Day stovepipoe hat...if the cap fits, let him wear well the goatee that he favors...even the name of the boat is included in this handmade figurine...

I love creating these sculptures for people so contact me at 1 800 231 9814 and lets design a model for you over the phone....and please visit our custom made wedding cake toppers

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