Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day .... Pregnant Bride Cake Topper

This couple loves the outdoors, their pets, football and most of all the thought of being parents ...yes they will soon have a new baby!!!..there is even a scan from the ultrasound of baby on the cover of the book that the groom is holding! ...that is personalization!!...Pregnant Bride's Wedding Cake Topper

So is the casual garb of the Dad to be, khakis, white shirt and sandals...while the pregnant bride looks radiant in an ivory gown with her blue shaded bouquet (any idea of Baby's gender?)...

Though you needn't wait til you are preganant to order...just call us at 1 800 231 9814 or visit and see a multitiude of past creations made for our clients....personalized wedding cake toppers...

It seems that demand for caketoppers has reached a point where I will only blog 1 time a month til Jan of 2009....a victim of our own success.....seems funny to be Wedding Cake Topper of the Day..when its only once a month.....but we here will be creating many new models that will be shown here in the future...thanks and stay tuned...

Hunter, Jupiter and Lois

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