Friday, August 1, 2008

Hawaiian Shirts Cake Topper ... Wedding Cake Topper of the Day

Aloha to everyone.....who could say that they really wouldn't want to be wed in Hawaii??.....certainly not these two...

...and I personally love Hawaiian print shirts, so when this couple commissioned this figurine it sounded like a fun project...

The bride with that great flower in her hair, and bike by her side, garbed in the most colourful red print dress...both in flip flops on the beach...

Hawaiian Shirts Wedding Cake Topper

Groom Steve is always on his cel phone, he is a realtor after he loves surfing... and has his long board with him to catch some waves ...

As always the big "kahunas" of caketoppers, Hunter and Jupiter Vaughan, are ready to accommodate your requests for any kind of matrimonial figurine, as personalized as this Hawaiian wedding cake topper.... visit or call 1 800 231 9814

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