Sunday, October 21, 2007

University of Maryland and Rice University Mascots Wedding Cake Topper

Go Team Go!!!...but where do you find a cake topper that will suit your team?..I mean a University of Maryland tortoise and the Rice University owl mascot??...who would have one of those ready made....answer is-NOBODY!...but where can you have something like that custom made?...right here at and what kind of reaction would the client express upon seeing his finished commission? on...

Hunter,Holy crap, those mascots look sensational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How I wish the cake channel folks had sent my message to you two days earlier! Holy cow, I appreciate their gesture and I'm so bummed about the timing....Here's the deal. Because I didn't hear from anyone else, I had to go with a glass blower who *hopefully* can make a good looking Rice Owl and Maryland Terrapin. They won't be as realistic and as attractive as your toppers. The glass blower has been paid and has already started his work,so I am obliged to get the cake toppers from him.However, the more I look at the NC State and VT mascots you did, the more I am inclined simply to use the glass pieces as decoration somewhere else and use your cake toppers. Those pieces are fantastic. I am in awe at how incredible they look. That looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see it in person, and then to see the look on Erica's face when she sees it sitting on top of the cake! Man, you even did a great job with that pesky "script R" logo. Good use of color, too, given that the animals are basically grey and brown.

so dear reader, if you are contemplating a special topper, I hope to please you as much as I did the groom who requested the creation pictured above!

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