Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bass Players Wedding Cake Topper

Here's a quite untraditional look for a wedding cake topper ....bride is in a black short dress holding a martini and the groom in jeans and a casual jacket, with his silver bass guitar slung over his shoulder.

This musician wanted to be in black and white runners so as to convey his casual demeanor and style....and we here at are always wanting to please the client.

Even their picture was added to the front page of a Rolling Stone magazine along with their names and the headline .."life long gig"

That is not unlike the situation here, where it's a life long gig creating custom clay caricatures and figurines for any wedding or occasion. Simply call us at 1 800 231 9814 and convey your desires to the "leader of the cake topper band" Hunter Vaughan, who will orchestrate the perfect figurine for your event.

To see some other musicians wedding cake toppers look here ...'s%20Wedding%20Cake%20Topper.htm

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