Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day...Rock and Roll Bears Cake Topper

Rock on you wild and crazy bears!!! we have a couple who indeed love bears, the bride is a Chicgo Cubs fan and an artist, her favorite flowers are sunflowers and she is having a bridal bouquet of them, as well the butterfly perched on her toe, as she is crazy about them...

The groom bear is a "guitar god" as well as being an accomplished chef...hard to see in this picture but on his back is a backpack with a climbing rope attached to it as he loves to also rock climb..!...and I thought bears only climbed trees...

what did the bride and groom think of their topper...? on...

SOOO COOL! We both LOVE IT! Great idea of me wearing the Cubs hat!
Jena and Brent

So we really have incorporated quite a few of their passions into this bear wedding cake topper, which truly makes it unlike any other...and as you see from their comments the "bride and groom bears" were more than pleased... design your own custom wedding cake topper

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