Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day...Musician's Cake Topper

It is said "music tames the savage beast"...well this shall be a very "tame" wedding as these musicians are seriously in love....though I imagine the topper will have the crowd cheering "encore"...

Yes the lifelong gig is now about to begin...and what a great keepsake of "opening night!!" ....she's laying down heavy bass grooves and he the "lead" is soloing on top ....wah wah pedals and their pics on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine are nice finishing touches...

Of course any style of musicians wedding cake topper, or non musicians as well can be hand made to your specs...visit the main cake topper stage here

or call mud impresario Hunter Vaughan at 1 800 231 9814 and consult/design in live time over the phone

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