Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mountain Climbers Wedding Cake Topper

The Towering Heights of Mt. Love have been conquered!!...and it was a long hard climb...this sculpture has been freshly modelled from terra cotta clay that is later fired to 2000 degree's, after which all components will be painstaikingly handpainted...
All down the mountain side are momentos from the couples lives, as well as their ferocious yorkie. They are clad in their mountain climbing helmets, just to play it see they aren't
"crazy" risk takers...they like to their move carefully on the mountain to not miss a step...
It's that type of wise judgement that led them here, to commission their cake topper.
They called that ol mud man of the mountain Hunter Vaughan and related their interests etc over the phone at 1 800 231 don't have to move mountains to order your own either,,,,visit our caketopper homepage at

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