Friday, April 20, 2007

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Here's a trio of our custom cake toppers... just to give an idea of the variety of themes or "looks" that you can have tailored to your 1 800 231 9814 and lets design it together.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pharmacist's Wedding Cake Topper

Yes it's true....these diminutive works of art that serve as both caketopper and treasured wedding keepsake are the real prescription for love! its's quite fitting to be presenting this Pharmacist's Cake topper model....
This figurine was made to order , as are all the works here.... and let's not forget the Groom....hardworking dentist that he is.Between their 2 talents I'm sure they could cure what ails anyone...
As Dr. Mud here cures the "cake topper blues" or the phobia of "caketopper-itis", the symptoms of which are searching for no avail for the "perfect" cake assured, the "Good Doctor" has the expertise to create the ultimate sculpture to crown your cake with!
Call the medical hotline at 1 800 231 9814 and speak directly with the "specialist"...

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Football Wedding Cake Topper

Touchdown for true love!!!!...and the fans are going crazy!!!
......especiallly when they see the custom made wedding cake topper that was created just for this football fan and his bride.
Yes that's the groom running for a TD and his cheerleading bride is his #1 fan. What ever type of activity or sport you like just let us know....and together we can design a special momento of your wedding that will become a treasured keepsake in the future.
This isnt a difficult play, it's an easy tackle, just contact "Coach Mud" at 1 800 231 9814 and we'll map out our wedding cake topper game plan together.....

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